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Capra Camper...

As Dumanlar Mekatronik, we have been carrying out industrial automation, engineering, machinery manufacturing and software service activities in Bursa since 2005.

We serve companies in many sectors such as automotive, food, ventilation and recycling in many provinces of Turkey.

Our company policy since 2005 is to provide quality, long-lasting, cost-effective and innovative solutions. Especially in the field of automotive, we have provided great advantages to the companies we have worked with by offering domestic and original solutions in machinery, software and processes imported from abroad.

Under the Capra Camper brand, which we started to design at the beginning of 2020; We started the production of the pickup caravan Mobile Living Cabin. Our product, with its pop-up design, is one of the firsts in the pick-up caravan sector in Turkey. Our goal is to develop and expand the Capra Camper brand with our unique and innovative company policy.

Class-Leading Capra Camper

Meet the 4 Seasons Pickup Caravan

300 kg

Full Package
With All Options

4 person

Comfortable Use
For Comfort Lovers

200 cm

Open Ceiling
During Accommodation